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Model Engine Year
1044C-42 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
1044C-54, Series II (Telehandler) DT 2005-2009
1044C-54 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
1044C-54 Series II (S/N 0160037900 & Up) (Telehandler) DT
1044C-54 Series II (Telehandler) DT
10K-42 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
10K-54 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
400B (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
400B (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
400N (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
400N (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
400N (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
400NTF (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
400NTF (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
400NTF (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
400NW (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
400NW (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
400NW (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
400NWTF (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
400NWTF (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
400NWTF (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
4D4B (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
4D4B (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
4D4V (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
4D4V (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
4D4V (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
4D4W (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
4D4W (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
4D4W (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
644B-37 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
644B-42 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
644E-42 (Telehandler) DT 2009-
6K-37 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
6K-42 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
7C2 (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P
7C2 (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
7C2 (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D
844C-42 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
8K-42 (Telehandler) D / DT 2005-
944E-42 (Telehandler) DT 2009-
Highlander 844TT (Chrysler) (High-Lift) P / D
Highlander 844TT (Detroit) (High-Lift) D / DT
Highlander 844TT (Waukesha) (High-Lift) P / D