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Model Engine Year
27.8, 29.6 (Multifarmer) D / DT
30.16 (Roto Series) D / DT
30.6 Classic2 (Multifarmer) D / DT
30.6 Top2 (Multifarmer) D / DT
30.9 Classic2 (Multifarmer) D / DT
30.9 Top2 (Multifarmer) D / DT
32.6L Plus (Compact) D / DT
32.6 Top (Compact) D / DT
33.13 (Roto Series) D / DT
38.14 (Roto Series) D
38.14S (Roto Series) D
38.16 (Roto Series) D / DT
38.16S (Roto Series) D / DT
40.25 MCSS (Roto Series) D / DT
45.19 MCSS (Roto Series) D / DT
45.21 MCSS (Roto Series) D / DT
45.21 MCTJ (Roto Series) D / DT
50.10S (Roto Series) D
50.16 MCSS (Roto Series) D / DT
P101.10 HM (Panoramic) D / DT
P101.10K (Panoramic) DT
P23.6EV-SC (Panoramic) D / DT
P26.6EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P26.6LP (Panoramic) D / DT
P26.6SP (Panoramic) D / DT
P27.9EVT (Panoramic) D / DT
P27.9EVX (Panoramic) D / DT
P28.7EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P28.7EVT (Panoramic) D / DT
P28.7K (Panoramic) D / DT
P28.8L (Compact) D / DT
P28.8L Plus (Compact) D / DT
P28.8 Plus (Compact) D / DT
P28.8 Top (Compact) D / DT
P28.9EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P28.9EVT (Panoramic) D / DT
P28.9K (Panoramic) D / DT
P30.7EVT (Panoramic) D / DT
P30.7EVX (Panoramic) D / DT
P30.7K (Panoramic) D / DT
P30.9K (Panoramic) D / DT
P32.12EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P32.6L (Compact) D / DT
P32.6 Plus (Compact) D / DT
P33.7EVT (Panoramic) D / DT
P34.10 (Panoramic) D / DT
P34.10 Plus (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P34.10 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P34.7 (Panoramic) D / DT
P34.7 Plus (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P34.7 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P35.11EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.12K (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.13 EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.13K (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.7EVT (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.7EVX (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.7K (Panoramic) D / DT
P35.9EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P36.10 (Panoramic) D / DT
P36.10 Plus (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P36.10 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P36.7 (Panoramic) D / DT
P36.7 Plus (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P36.7 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P37.1 (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P37.11K (Panoramic) D / DT
P37.12 (Panoramic) D / DT
P37.1 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P38.1 (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P38.12 (Panoramic) D / DT
P38.13 (Panoramic) D / DT
P38.14 (Panoramic) D / DT
P38.1 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P40.14 (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.14K (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.16 (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.16EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.16K (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.16KS (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.17 (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.7 (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P40.7 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P40.8 (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.8EVS (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.8K (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.8 Plus (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.9 (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.9K (Panoramic) D / DT
P40.9 Plus (Panoramic) D / DT
P41.7 (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P41.7 Top (Turbofarmer) D / DT
P45.18 HM (Panoramic) D / DT
P60.10 (Panoramic) D / DT
P60.10EV (Panoramic) DT
P60.10K (Panoramic) DT
P60.6EVS (Panoramic) DT
P72.10 (Panoramic) D / DT
P80.9 HM (Panoramic) D / DT
R30.13EV (Roto Series) DT
R30.16EV (Roto Series) DT
R30.16K (Roto Series) DT
R33.13K (Roto Series) DT
R33.16KS (Roto Series) DT
R35.13KS (Roto Series) DT
R40.18EVS (Roto Series) DT
R40.21EVS (Roto Series) DT
R40.21TJ (Roto Series) DT
R45.19KSC (Roto Series) DT
R45.21KSC (Roto Series) DT
R45.21TJ (Roto Series) DT
R50.10EV (Roto Series) DT
R50.10KS (Roto Series) DT
R50.16EVS (Roto Series) DT
R50.16KSC (Roto Series) DT