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Model Engine Year
12G-B (Allis-Chalmers) (Crawler Loaders) ALL
12G-B (Fiat) (Crawler Loaders) DT
7G-B (Allis-Chalmers) (Crawler Loaders) ALL
7G-B (Fiat) (Crawler Loaders) DT
FE 28 (Tracked) D
FL-10B, FL-10C (Allis-Chalmers) (Crawler Loaders) ALL
FL-10B, FL-10C (Fiat) (Crawler Loaders) DT
FL-14B, FL-14C (Allis-Chalmers) (Crawler Loaders) ALL
FL-14B, FL-14C (Fiat) (Crawler Loaders) DT
FL-20 (Allis-Chalmers) (Crawler Loaders) ALL
FL-20 (Fiat) (Crawler Loaders) DT
FL-5, FL-7, FL-8, FL-9 (Allis-Chalmers) (Crawler Loaders) ALL
FL-5, FL-7, FL-9 (Fiat) (Crawler Loaders) DT
FR 130.2 (Wheeled Loaders) D
FR 160.2 (Wheeled Loaders) D
FR 220 (Wheeled Loaders) D