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Model Engine Year
110TLB (Wheeled Backhoes) D
210C (Wheeled Backhoes) D
210LE (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
244E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
244H (4WD Loaders) D / DT
244J (4WD Loaders) DT
300B (Wheeled Backhoes) D
300D (Wheeled Backhoes) D
304H (4WD Loaders) D / DT
304J (4WD Loaders) DT
310 (Wheeled Backhoes) D
310A (Wheeled Backhoes) D
310B (Wheeled Backhoes) D
310C (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
310D (Wheeled Backhoes) D
310E (Wheeled Backhoes) D
310G (Serial No. 910056 on) (Wheeled Backhoes) D
310J, 310SJ, 310SJ TMC (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT 2007-
310SE (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
310SG (Serial No. 910056 on) (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
315C (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
315D (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
315SE (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
315SG (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
315SJ (Crawler Loaders) DT 2007-
319D (Compact Track Loaders) DT 2009-
323D (Compact Track Loaders) DT 2009-
324H (4WD Loaders) DT
329D (Compact Track Loaders) DT 2009-
333D (Compact Track Loaders) DT 2009-
344E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
344G (4WD Loaders) D / DT
344H (4WD Loaders) DT
344J (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
350 (Crawler Loaders) P / D
350B (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
350C (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
355D (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
401 (Wheeled Backhoes) D
401C (Wheeled Backhoes) D
410 (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
410B (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
410C (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
410D (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
410E (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
410G (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
410J, 410J TMC (Wheeled Backhoes) DT 2007-
410MFWD (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
415B (Wheeled Backhoes) D
444 (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444C (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444D (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444G (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444H, 444H-High Lift (4WD Loaders) DT
444J (4WD Loaders) DT
444J Powerllel (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444J Tool Carrier, 444J High Lift (4WD Loaders) D / DT
444K 4WD (Wheeled Loaders) DT 2010-
444K Z-Bar/High-Lift/ Powerllel (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
450B (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
455D (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
455E (Crawler Loaders) DT
455G (Crawler Loaders) DT
500C (Wheeled Backhoes) D
510 (Wheeled Backhoes) D
510B (Wheeled Backhoes) D / DT
510C (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
510D (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
515B (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
524K 4WD (Wheeled Loaders) DT 2010-
524K Z-Bar/High-Lift (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
544B (4WD Loaders) D / DT
544C (4WD Loaders) D / DT
544D (4WD Loaders) D / DT
544E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
544G, 544GH, 544GLL, 544GTC (4WD Loaders) D / DT
544H, 544H-High Lift (4WD Loaders) DT
544J (4WD Loaders) DT
544J Powerllel (4WD Loaders) DT
544J Tool Carrier, 544J High Lift (4WD Loaders) DT
544J WH (4WD Loaders) DT
544K 4WD (Wheeled Loaders) DT 2010-
544K Z-Bar/High-Lift/Powerllel (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
555 (Crawler Loaders) DT
555A (Crawler Loaders) DT
555G (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
555G (Crawler Loaders) DT
605C (Crawler Loaders) DT 2007-
610B (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
610C (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
624E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
624G (4WD Loaders) D / DT
624H, 624H-High Lift (4WD Loaders) D / DT
624J (4WD Loaders) DT
624J Powerllel (4WD Loaders) DT
624J Tool Carrier, 624J High Lift (4WD Loaders) DT
624J WH (4WD Loaders) DT
624K 4WD (Wheeled Loaders) DT 2010-
624K Z-Bar/High-Lift/Powerllel (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
644B (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644C (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644D (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644G (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644H, 644H High Lift, 644H Waste Handler (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644HMH (4WD Loaders) D / DT
644J, 724J (4WD Loaders) DT
644J High Lift (4WD Loaders) DT
644J WH (4WD Loaders) DT
644K Z-Bar/ High-Lift/Powerllel (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
646C (4WD Loaders) D / DT
655 (Crawler Loaders) DT
655B (Crawler Loaders) DT
655C (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
710B (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
710C (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
710D (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
710G (Wheeled Backhoes) DT
710J (Wheeled Backhoes) DT 2007-
724J (4WD Loaders) DT
724J WH (4WD Loaders) DT
724K Z-Bar/High-Lift (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
744E (4WD Loaders) D / DT
744H, 744HMH (4WD Loaders) D / DT
744J (4WD Loaders) DT
744J WH (4WD Loaders) DT
744K (S.N.630720-) (4WD Loaders) DT 2010-
744K (S.N.632968-) (4WD Loaders) DT 2010-
744K Z-Bar/High-Lift (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
755 (Crawler Loaders) DT
755A (Crawler Loaders) DT
755B (Crawler Loaders) DT
755C (Crawler Loaders) D / DT
755D (S/N 009299-) (Crawler Loaders) DT 2008-
755K, Tier4i / Stage3b (Crawler Loaders) DT
824J (4WD Loaders) DT
824K Z-Bar/High-Lift (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
84 (4WD Loaders) D / DT
844 (4WD Loaders) D / DT
844J (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
844K Z-Bar (4WD Loaders) DT 2008-
855 (Crawler Loaders) DT
CT315 Tier4i/Stage3b (Wheeled Loaders) DT
CT322 (Compact Track Loaders) DT
CT332 (Compact Track Loaders) DT
JD300, JD300B (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD301, JD301A (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD302, JD302A (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD350 (John Deere) (Crawler Loaders) P / D
JD400, JD401A (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD401B, JD401D (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD440, JD440A, JD440B (John Deere) (Crawler Loaders) P / D
JD500A, JD500B (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD544, JD544A (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
JD555B (John Deere) (Crawler Loaders) P / D
JD644, JD644A,JD644B (John Deere) (Wheeled Loaders) P / D
TC44H (Tool Carriers) DT
TC54H (Tool Carriers) DT
TC62H (Tool Carriers) D / DT