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Model Engine Year
SCL515 (Wheeled Loaders) D / DT
SKB1000 (Excavator Loaders) D / DT
SKB1000T (Excavator Loaders) D / DT
SKB900 (Excavator Loaders) D
SKB902 (Excavator Loaders) D
SKL811A (Loaders) D
SKL821A (Loaders) D
SKL823 (Loaders) D
SKL824 (Loaders) D / DT
SKL824 (TL 65) (Schaeff - Wheeled loader) DT 2004-
SKL824S (Schaeff - Wheeled loader) DT 2004-
SKL831A (Loaders) DT
SKL832A (Loaders) D
SKL833 (Loaders) D
SKL834 (Loaders) D / DT
SKL835 (Loaders) D
SKL841B (Loaders) D
SKL843 (Loaders) D
SKL844 (Loaders) D / DT
SKL851B (Loaders) D
SKL853 (Loaders) D
SKL861B (Loaders) DT
SKL863 (Loaders) D / DT
SKL871 (Loaders) D
SKL873 (Loaders) D / DT
SKL877 (Loaders) D
SKS611 (Swing Loaders) D
SKS631 (Swing Loaders) D
SKS633 (Swing Loaders) DT
SKS634 (Swing Loaders) D / DT
SKS661 (Swing Loaders) DT
SMB2041 (Excavator Loaders) D