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Model Engine Year
HST-1A (Deutz F4L-912FW) (Tunnel Loaders) D
ST 1000, 1010 (Detroit Diesel 50-250) (Tunnel Loaders) DT
ST-15Z (Cat 60-475/3406C) (Tunnel Loaders) DT
ST-2D (Deutz F6L-912FW/F5L-413FRW/F6L413FW) (Tunnel Loaders) D
ST-3.5 (Detroit Diesel 4-71TI) (Tunnel Loaders) DT
ST-3.5 (Deutz F6L413FW/F8L-413FW) (Tunnel Loaders) D
ST-6C (Cat 3306T/Detroit Diesel 50-250) (Tunnel Loaders) DT
ST-6C (Deutz F10L-413FW) (Tunnel Loaders) D
ST-7.5Z (Detroit Diesel 60-300) (Tunnel Loaders) DT
ST-8B (Detroit Diesel 60-300) (Tunnel Loaders) DT
ST-8B (Deutz F12L-413FW) (Tunnel Loaders) D